We would like to offer the most effective materials and components for laser beam control and characteristics changing.

Devices on TeO2 Acousto-optical crystals can be effectively and successfully used for signal modulation (AO Modulators), deflection (AO Deflectors) and selecting (AOTF).

Polarizing optics based on birefringence crystal properties and standard materials are Calcite (VIS-NIR), Rutil (NIR) but now we offer to use Polarizing optics based on high stable quality TeO2 material. This new for Polarizing optic material can substitute both standard materials and can be successfully used for VIS – MIR.

At our facilities we have complete production cycle starting from raw material preparing up to final processing according to the customer specific requirements.

For additional information about Acousto-optic deviced based on TeO2, Polarizing optics based on TeO2 and LiNbO3 plates please find below catalogue.