Company profile

“Elent A” history started in 1991 when company spun-off specialized laboratory of Physical Department Dnepropetrovsk State University and started its operation as independent company.  Successful combination of high skilled scientists and researchers with long experience in acousto-optic and optoelectronic with young university graduates (specialists) with specialty in solid state science, analytical chemistry, electronics and crystal optical working allowed us establish, operate and successfully develop company business.

Main direction of our activity is growth and working of paratellurite single crystals (TeO2) for various acousto-optic and electro-optic instrument engineering companies in complete accordance with customers’ technical demands.

Ongoing close cooperation with Dnepropetrovsk State University chairs as well as other scientific and research institutes and companies enable us to carry out various experiments directed to the supplied material quality improvement and introduction of different innovation production technologies that allow us offer our customers products with stable high quality according the all requested demands.