Characteristics of TeO2 crystals

  • the initial charge for the growth of single crystals is produced by us and has a purity of not less than 99.9995% of the main substance;
  • the diameter of the boom is up to 90 mm, the height up to 50 mm, high optical homogeneity in a large volume of material;
  • single crystals are transparent and visually colorless, do not have absorption bands in the visible and IR regions of the spectrum;
  • do not contain overweight, cracks, visually noticeable bubbles and their aggregates, other alien inclusions;
  • very low scattering of optical radiation.

We produce several graduations of material for various tasks.

Optical quality Explanation
AA Material with minimum scattering and absorption parameters, without glare on 355-405 nm, without absorption on water in the range 1.8 - 3.6 μm, high beam strength.
A Standard high quality material.
B Material for serial tasks, taking into account some comments on material sampling.
C Standard material for serial tasks.