Polarizing Optics

Starting from this 2013 year our company would like to offer TeO2 polarizing optics.

Based on the experience and experiments our R&D specialists developed Glan and Wollaston prisms and beam displacers based on our TeO2 material.

Prisms can be manufactured with air clearance and glued depending on Customer specific requirements. Also we can offer AR coating and housing in case of customer request.

Together with stable quality we offer prisms with high aperture (40 mm and up) and perfect material uniformity that provides high polarization level.

TeO2 Polarizing prisms can be used as a substitution of natural calcite (CaCO3) prisms so as nowadays it is very complicate to extract last one with good uniformity ratio and sizes for big aperture and more over they can be successfully used for IR range.

Please see below presentations for more information about our TeO2 polarizing optics.