Our Labs

“Elent A” has own production facilities with total area of 2000 square meters where chemical, growth and optical labs are placed. Our labs are equipped with all necessary production and inspection equipment.

Chemical Lab is engaged in mixture preparing for the ТеО2 crystals growth. Cleaning process includes developed by our specialists unique method of physicochemical mixture cleaning. Such cleaning allow us to get qualitative mixture with purity 6N for the crystals growth according to the various demands of our customers.

Growth Lab is equipped with growth station of own design for ТеО2 crystals growth by Czochralski method. Single crystals growth process is completely automated.

Optical Lab is equipped with all necessary equipment to carry out crystallographic orientation, cutting, grinding, polishing and optical coating. Orientation accuracy is 1′, grinded surface parallelism up to 1mkm, polished surface parallelism up to 10 – 15”, angle between polished surfaces up to 3”, polishing accuracy λ/10.